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Registration Agreement
Sworn 2 None regulations and registration agreement

1. As a member of Sworn 2 None, you represent the guild / clan and should always show respect to all members and non members. If you are in violation of respect issues your membership could be up for a full internal review. A possible suspension of access to all of the website and features of the guild / clan could be implied during this investigation based on the severity of the offense.

2. Sworn 2 None reserves the right to suspend, expel or revoke specific privileges or total access of all materials belonging to Sworn 2 None based upon any infraction reviews pending of any members activities.

3. All materials shared within Sworn 2 None's websites, YouTube channel, social sites, voice chats and text chats are deemed property of or owners consent of use for and by Sworn 2 None. If you're not willing to allow full access of said materials for guild / clan use, please do not use the above mentioned official Sworn 2 None channels for distribution methods. You have personal social sites and emails for sharing of materials that you wish not be used by the entire guild / clan. If material you wish not for all the guild is shared on any of Sworn 2 None's above mentioned channels and sites by you and you are upset that it's being used by Sworn 2 None members they will not be reviewed as you were warned in this agreement that such use is at your discretion. If materials were shared by you using other means that are personal and another member shares this content within Sworn 2 None's channels without your consent, please contact an Administrator to get a review of the situation.

4. We at Sworn 2 None are an adult orientated group. We will at times use foul language and possible obscene remarks in a joking manner. If this offends you, please talk to the offending party before reporting this matter. We hope that everyone can have a sense of humor but we also hope that the boundaries between insulting someone and humor aren't over stepped. We take personal insults that are harmful serious. We hope that his doesn't ever become an issue because we value good humor when and where it's deemed appropriate. 

I accept the terms of service and privacy policy: