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Full Server Wipe ( May 19 2017)
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15th May 2017

I will be doing a full server wipe and changing some of the server settings. I will be lowering some values and making the server a little similar to official servers. We will not enable the decay system until we have a decent sized player base on our server. The current mods in use will also be removed and no longer used. This has been explained in another thread and we have a good reason to remove these mods for the time being. The full server wipe will not take place until Friday May 19 2017 at 10:00 am. I will list all the new updated settings for the server by updating the current thread already on the forum.

Thank you all for your time and I hope to see some players returning once we start over fresh and adjust the server settings. We also apologize if this choice isn't something you approve of but as this is a paid service we have to do what's best for a larger player base to be on the server. The server is paid for an entire year and I would like to see more players on the server than try to please just a few. Again we apologize for this but we have to look at this like an investment and at current we are not seeing a good return for the invest made.

Thank you,

Forum » Guests Forum » Sworn 2 None guest info
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