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Conan server update 3/23/2017
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23rd Mar 2017

With the release of the latest patch today some things have been broken.  Fence foundations no longer have snap points to foundations or themselves.  Dye system was introduced along with the decay system. Building now causes high CPU useage and causes lag. Depending on the patch fix coming for these issues hopefully sometime today, we may be doing a server wipe. This will all depend on the patch to fix these issues so may not happen at all. If there is a wipe, all returning players will get  bonus materials from myself and Jorge to help get you started once again.  There are other unknown errors or issues that I will need to look over the forums for a while to find. Hopefully the devs are watching the steam forums enough to see what is being reported. I will not enable the decay system until most of the building bugs are fixed. 

I hope you all enjoy your stay,

Forum » Guests Forum » Sworn 2 None guest info
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