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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
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14th Mar 2017

You can get more stats and information by visiting the link below or clicking on the above picture.
Server Info link.

Server Exp Info:
Player Exp rate --------- 2.5x
Player time Exp -------- 1.5x
Player Kill Exp ---------- 3.5x
Harvest Exp ------------- 4.0x
Crafting Exp ------------- 3.0x
Spoil rate ----------------- 0.4x Lower number means slower spoiling.
Harvest amount -------- 4.0x
Resource respawn ---- 3.5x
Crafting speed ---------- 0.4x Lower number means faster crafting.

Sworn 2 None Server Rules:

1. No PvP on south side of river near newb spawn area. This rule is for lowbies to progress without being discouraged. Picture below shows off limits new spawning PvP area.

2. Be polite to all players on server. No getting mad because you were PKed and talking smack in voice or global chat.

3. Destruction of player bases is allowed but only during set time frames. 

4. No camping of other players bases. During siege open times this is not considered camping if you are trying to break in for raiding. If caught camping outside of siege window time player will be warned up to 2 times. Actions will be taken after the 2 warnings have been issued.

5. More rules will appear here so please check back.

Last Edit: 24th Mar 2018 by DaGrimMan
Forum » Guests Forum » Sworn 2 None guest info
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