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Hello, and welcome to Sworn 2 None!

Sworn 2 None is a guild / clan that has been around for a long time. It's had it's ups and downs and falling outs. We currently are rebuilding and starting from scratch. We welcome all new members and new branches of the clan to the new home of all that is Sworn 2 None.

Things are a bit crazy at the moment as there is multiple games and divisions of the guild. We aim to get everyone in the same communities and using the same tools for all communication and clan events.  As we rebuild and setup all divisions and events accordingly, this info will all be distributed via only official Sworn 2 None channels. We have 3 social media venues as of now for use for all media related clan events. Our Google+ page, Facebook social page and our official YouTube channel. This will be our official forums and site for all news and event announcements from  here on out. As we add more content provider media outlets this info will be in our main forum areas as well as info regarding our current media channels. Things will take time to get fully setup and all information may not be readably available until we get organized. Now onto a bit of our history.

Sworn 2 None History:

Sworn 2 None was founded roughly early 2004 by Founder / Leader DaGrimMan in World of Warcraft. It slowly progressed and staged onto a not so commonly known MMO called Shadowbane. That legacy lasted until around  2006 when Ubisoft shut down the SB servers. We continued on into other games over the years finally landing ourselves into a MySpace text based game called Mobsters. There we built new friendships and acquired life long members that stuck around. Some are still available through other social media outlets of now but most of us are scattered. We currently play a wide range of games from PC, console and web based games in many outlets. The members are scattered and leaderless except for a few. Bubba has been running the guild through some Playstation based games and has been solo for awhile in doing so. We plan to assist him and make the clan strong once again but this time in many different divisions amongst our varied device game play. We have no allegiances to any other factions, guild or clans in any games and wish to keep it as such. The name says it all. Sworn 2 none was founded to be a solo clan growing from the strength of it's members and it's members alone. To those over the years that we have lost, we wish we could reach out and find you. To those that find us, we welcome our brothers and sisters back with open arms and an open heart. To those that wish to start with a new family community of gamers we welcome you to the craziness we call Sworn 2 None. 

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We shall overcome and be triumphant and glorious in all we do.

We shall be vengeful and full of wrath.
2 those who oppose us, they shall be put to death!

We are fearless, full of heart and will not tolerate the weak.
we are not Sworn 2 any but to our brothers and sisters. We are SWORN 2 NONE!

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